Mena North Coast

Mena Group for Constructions and Trading was one of the first construction companies to start cultivation and development in the North Coast. Our first project was a deluxe resort city overlooking the virgin North Coast in Egypt with beautiful landscape and creative architecture. That was the project which was later on known as Mena One, which was soon followed by Mena Two, Three and Four.


The shared and private gardens and swimming pools in the four resorts constitute up to 85 % of the total 200 acres on which this resorts were constructed. An efficient eco-friendly irrigation system which utilizes natural sources of water and remains cost-effective was implemented throughout the project and solar cells are being designed for power generation.


Buildings are constructed in a way that provides maximum luxury and privacy with attractive designs of the resort units and even the parking lots. Entertainment is augmented with diversified water parks and sports courts. A water treatment plant, a computerized irrigation network system and solar system power generators were also constructed to efficiently handle the infrastructure of the touristic destination.


With its unique attractions, great location, walk-in pools and surrounding greenery, the 1500 villas and chalets of Mena North Coast have been sold out.

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